Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"VivaCity" mixed media textiles by Karen Goetzinger

New work by Karen Goetzinger shows her fascination with the light and colours of cities and towns. "VivaCity"- mixed media textiles opens this Sunday, 21st March with a Reception from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a B.A. in Fashion Design and Fine Art and since 2004 has taught at the Ottawa School of Art. Karen is widely known for her finely detailed mixed media textile works that are influenced by traditional quilt making, couture construction and vintage Japanese textiles and design.

"In a world increasingly enthralled with high speed technology and quantity over quality production goals, I find artistic inspiration in using time honoured traditions. These traditions allow me to experiment and to compose new, fresh objects from what might be considered old. I employ techniques that compel me to savour the process of creating; from the exhilaration of selecting colours and textures to the rhythmic lullaby of stitching by hand."

These pieces show us our metropolitan landscape in unusual perspectives: shapes, angles, daylight, nightlight, colours and the not-colours.

Karen will give a brief talk at 3.00 pm, so come out and explore the city through the fibre of these reflective viewpoints.