Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prairie Scene - Playing with Dimensions

from Saskatchewan 
33 artists
1 musician
your chance to party

wednesday, april 27, 5pm - 8.30pm

As part of the N.A.C. celebration of the cultural life of Saskatchewan and Manitoba - "Prairie Scene" we are proud to host the show "Playing with Dimensions".
We are lucky to have these artists fly in for the opening:

Paula Cooley
Barb Goretsky
Michael Hosaluk
Arthur Perlett
and the amazing guitar player, Jack Semple.

There will be a few, short V.I.P. remarks at 5.30pm;  to kick things off and make it all official! Then a catered party, wonderful works of creativity and the sensitive, six string stylings of Jack Semple.

                   Michael Hosaluk, Saskatoon "Changes" 2008
"It is always interesting to turn wood when wet and see what dimensional changes occur in the drying process. I chose to turn wood that is known for its unpredictable movement. The three objects play off each others' dimensions; reflecting each form more dramatically."

Arthur Perlett, Asquith. "We Need to Tock", 2009
"In the furniture making tradition there has always been an anthropomorphic interplay - the "leg" of a table, the "back" of a chair, a "chest" of drawers. In this case, the "faces" of the clocks! I wanted to use that interplay as well as the playful nature and the varying physical dimensions to make a statement on the importance of good communication at all times.

Paula Cooley, Saskatoon. "Pleien" 2009

"Pleien reflects an archaic definition of play; 'to act or move strut, to dance.' My sculpture reflects my interest in capturing movement and animation. I find moving bodies, whether plant, animal or human to be fascinating. I find it challenging to take an inert material and transform it, to suggest dynamic movement. Pleien was hand built, then altered to suggest undulating forms such as hips, tentacles or branches. This ambiguity is somewhat unsettling and evocative yet I trust, still sensual, dynamic and playful."

Barbara Goretzky, Lumsden. "Winter Goes to Bed" 2008
 "I decided to play with time, the fourth dimension. As winter raged on, I longed for the coming of spring. I created this piece with the thought of time going forward at a different rate. For my purpose, it is handy to call time a fourth dimension."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Little Ones" mixed media by Lynette Deir (and Mike)


runs Saturday, April 9th to Saturday, April 23rd

Here are some pics to give an idea. I will post more writing shortly. This all started as a collaborative effort between Lynette Deir and her partner, Mike, on Sunday afternoons.