Saturday, February 6, 2010

New images for "Deborah Arnold: Selected Works"

Opening of "Deborah Arnold: Selected Works", this Sunday, 7th February 2010, 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm at Snapdragon Gallery.

Deborah's works are a culmination of studies in fine art and sculpture (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in Ottawa), dance and music (Bennington College, Vermont), theatre direction and production (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio), studio programme (Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio) and multiple studio residences in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Arnold is a member of the "Sculpture Society of Canada" and the "International Sculpture Center", Washington, D.C. Commissioned sculptures are located throughout Canada and the U.S.

Deborah Arnold has led a life dedicated to expressing herself in the arts; articulate in discussing her work. "I investigate essences of our natural world, creating abstract objects of observation. Stone carving is a physical yet contemplative process and in this way I pay loving homage to the Earth. It is my intention that viewers of my sculptures participate with me in a growing awareness of how we belong in our world's system. Perhaps viewers may feel ancient resonances, if looking at newly uncovered artefacts".

Artefact - art that is made, or is it art that is uncovered? The making is in the taking away. Deborah Arnold reveals/creates smooth, polished, sensuous surfaces that seem to be alive, or to contain life. At the same time, Deborah leaves/reveals the original, rough, elemental rock. Nature flow seamlessly through, unifying the contrasts.

"Each stone has a presence for me to discover. I create a dialogue between my material, myself, with viewers completing the process".

Deborah Arnold will give a short talk at 3.00 pm and will be glad to meet you and answer questions. Hot mulled wine and refreshments will be served during the opening,
from 2.00pm to 5.00 pm this Sunday, 7th February 2010.